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    Waiting for Hockney

    Poster of the movie Waiting for Hockney

    Waiting for Hockney (2008)

    Run time1h20m
    Directed byJulie Checkoway
    Written byJulie Checkoway, Neal Checkoway
    CompanyLittlest Birds FilmsLittlest Birds FilmsLittlest Birds Films
    One review3.0


    At 38-years-old, aspiring artist Billy Pappas is the ultimate dreamer. Checkoway chronicles the 10 years Pappas spent meticulously drawing his masterpiece in his parents' attic -- and the success or failure he believes hinges on his ability to show his work to his idol, artist David Hockney.


    Billy Pappas
    Larry Link
    Fred Astaire
    Doris Day
    Al Gore
    Marilyn Monroe
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Leslie Howard
    Christopher Reeve
    Elvis Presley
    Raymond Massey
    Jack Nicholson
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