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    The Tenant

    Poster of the movie The Tenant

    The Tenant (1976)

    Le Locataire
    Original lang.French, English
    Run time2h05m
    GenreHorror, thriller, mystery
    Directed byRoman Polanski
    Written byRoman Polanski, Gérard Brach
    CompanyParamount PicturesParamount PicturesParamount Pictures
    5 reviews8.4


    Trelkovsky, a Polish immigrant residing in Paris, moves into an apartment vacated by a young woman who committed suicide by leaping out of her window. Upon moving in, Trelkovsky begins feeling that the woman's personality traits are being thrust upon him. At a local shop, the proprietor offers him the breakfast and cigarettes that the woman usually purchased-and he accepts them. Holed up in the psychotic environment of a dark Parisian building that's peopled with odd characters, Trelkovsky feels himself overcome by a kind of madness. His slow mental deterioration finally compels him to emulate the woman's final, tragic hours.


    Roman Polanski
    Isabelle Adjani
    Melvyn Douglas
    Jo Van Fleet
    Lila Kedrova
    Michel Blanc
    Gérard Jugnot
    Bruce Lee
    Shelley Winters
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