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    The Shock Doctrine

    Poster of the movie The Shock Doctrine
    The Shock Doctrine (2009)
    CountryUnited Kingdom
    Run time1h19m
    Directed byMat Whitecross, Michael Winterbottom
    Written byNaomi Klein
    CompanyRenegade PicturesEntertainment OneSeville


    A documentary adaptation Naomi Klein's 2007 book, The Shock Doctrine. An investigation of disaster capitalism, based on Naomi Klein's proposition that neo-liberal capitalism feeds on natural disasters, war and terror to establish its dominance. Based on breakthrough historical research and four years of on-the-ground reporting in disaster zones, The Shock Doctrine vividly shows how disaster capitalism -- the rapid-fire corporate re-engineering of societies still reeling from shock -- did not begin with September 11, 2001.


    Ewen Cameron
    Janine Huard
    Ronald Reagan
    Al Gore
    Donald J. Trump
    Barack Obama
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