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    The Painted Veil

    Poster of the movie The Painted Veil

    The Painted Veil

    1h 25min
    1934     Romantic drama     USA

    In a loveless marriage to Dr. Walter Fane, Katrin has an affair with politician Jack Townsend. After Fane travels to the interior regions of China to quell a cholera epidemic, Katrin also goes there and works tirelessly by her husband's side, eventually falling in love with him for the first time. When Townsend arrives, she must choose between staying with her husband, who has been seriously injured in a peasant uprising, or going back home with Townsend.

    Directed byRichard Boleslawski
    Written byJohn Meehan, Salka Viertel, Edith Fitzgerald, W. Somerset Maugham


    Greta Garbo
    Herbert Marshall
    George Brent
    Beulah Bondi
    Walter Brennan
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