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    The Outlander

    Poster of the movie The Outlander

    The Outlander

    Le Survenant     2h 18min
    2005     Drama     Canada
    Original lang: French

    It is the early 20th century. A stranger arrives in the small rural community and disrupts the lives of its inhabitants. The man, who refuses to give his name, is dubbed The Outlander. A traveler who disdains conventional behaviour and parochialism, The Outlander disturbs the villagers' complacency and scandalizes the community; he also elicits admiration and gains a woman's love. He ultimately leaves in the same manner he had arrived, but not before he has helped the villagers open their eyes to the larger world beyond their village.

    Directed byErik Canuel
    Written byDiane Cailhier, Germaine Guèvremont
    CompanyAlliance VivafilmAlliance VivafilmAlliance Vivafilm


    Jean-Nicolas Verreault
    Anick Lemay
    Gilles Renaud
    Catherine Trudeau
    Pierrette Robitaille
    Patrice Robitaille
    Sandrine Bisson
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