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    The Courtship of Eddie's Father

    Poster of the movie The Courtship of Eddie's Father

    The Courtship of Eddie's Father

    1h 58min
    1963     Family comedy     USA

    In this Metrocolor rom-com, Eddie (a young Ron Howard) gamely sets out to find a new wife for his widowed father (the silver-foxy Glenn Ford). While setting Dad up with sexpots and socialites -- over the shrill warnings of the matronly housekeeper who cautions that the world is full of "floozies" who would marry him "just for the equipment" in his apartment -- Eddie learns some important lessons about societal expectations of female desirability.

    Directed byVincente Minnelli
    Written byJohn Gay, Mark Toby


    Glenn Ford
    Shirley Jones
    Stella Stevens
    Ron Howard
    Clark Gable
    Grace Kelly
    Lee Meriwether
    Clint Howard
    Andrew Stevens
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