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    The Bob Hope Show

    The Bob Hope Show

    TV Series     1950     Family comedy     USA



    Bob Hope
    Les Brown
    Danny Thomas
    Phyllis Diller
    Martha Raye
    Dean Martin
    Jimmy Durante
    Jill St. John
    Bing Crosby
    James Garner
    Lucille Ball
    Jane Russell
    Frank Sinatra
    Ginger Rogers
    Dick Martin
    Dan Rowan
    Natalie Wood
    Janet Leigh
    Johnny Carson
    Don Rickles
    Tony Randall
    Julie London
    Elke Sommer
    Jayne Mansfield
    David Janssen
    Betty Grable
    Line Renaud
    Andy Williams
    Joan Collins
    Red Buttons
    Tuesday Weld
    Eddie Fisher
    Joey Heatherton
    Barbara Eden
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