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    Spork (2010)

    Run time1h26m
    Directed byJ_B_ Ghuman Jr_
    Written byJ.B. Ghuman Jr.


    From writer director J.B. Ghuman Jr. comes the colorful and foul-mouthed musical comedy SPORK, a film about a frizzy-haired, pink-cheeked outcast named Spork who is trying to navigate her way through the annuls of Junior High. When a school dance show provides a chance for Spork to show up a mean-girls gang, her trailer-park neighbor steps up to coach her with some "booty-poppin" moves. Featuring a vintage 90's soundtrack (that includes original music by Lady Tigra and Yeti Beatz; JJ Fad's "SuperSonic"; 2-Live Crew's "Get It Girl"), a score by Casey James and the Stay Puft Kid, and extended school-hall dance sequences, SPORK is a film about standing out and fitting in.


    Savannah Stehlin
    Rodney Eastman
    Beth Grant
    Yeardley Smith
    Richard Riehle
    Keith David
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