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    Seraphin, Heart of stone

    Poster of the movie Seraphin, Heart of stone

    Seraphin, Heart of stone

    Séraphin, un homme et son péché     1h 50min
    2002     Drama     Canada
    Original lang: French

    Sainte-Adèle, Quebec, 1889. Donalda Laloge and Alexis Labranche are in love. As Alexis prepares to leave for the lumber camps, the lovers agree to get married the following spring. But fate has other plans for the Laloge family, notably the bankruptcy of Donalda's father, a shopkeeper. Séraphin Poudrier, the mayor of the village and a miserly notary, makes Donalda's father an offer: he'll help the shopkeeper out in exchange for Donalda's hand in marriage. Donalda agrees to marry Séraphin in order to preserve her father's good name and help her family. In spring, Alexis returns, anxious to see his love. However, the shocking news of her marriage leaves him extremely angry and bitter. But Donalda and Alexis's love cannot be thwarted.

    Directed byCharles Binamé
    Written byCharles Binamé, Pierre Billon
    CompanyAlliance VivafilmAlliance VivafilmAlliance Vivafilm


    Pierre Lebeau
    Karine Vanasse
    Roy Dupuis
    Rémy Girard
    Céline Bonnier
    Benoît Brière
    Yves Jacques
    Anne-Marie Cadieux
    Pierrette Robitaille
    Julien Poulin
    Louise Portal
    Catherine Trudeau
    Maxime Dumontier
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