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    Le Bonheur de Pierre

    Poster of the movie Le Bonheur de Pierre

    Le Bonheur de Pierre

    1h 46min
    2009     Comedy     Canada/France
    Original lang: French

    Pierre Martin, a quantum physicist, receives a telephone call from the notary of Pebray informing him that he, along with his daughter, are the last survivors of the Martin family. Aunt Jeanne, whom they haven't seen for 56 years, died in Canada. She left all her possessions to them, including an inn in Sainte-Simone-du-Nord, a small village located in an area called Saguenay. Pierre sees this as the call of destiny. At 65, a widower for five years, he wants to have this second chance at life. He especially wants his daughter Catherine, an ambitious Parisian journalist, to share this journey with him. Unfortunately, she's not very willing. However, life, the server of destiny, will make sure that everything that needs to happen, will happen. Pierre and Catherine will leave for Canada. Pierre, an eternal optimist, the Teflon man on whom misfortune never falls, finds that his dreams of life in this small pastoral village are quickly transformed into a nightmare. The mayor of Sainte-Simone-du-Nord put up with Jeanne the Frenchwoman for more than 50 years, and it's out of the question that he endures a second generation of her family!

    Directed byRobert Ménard
    Written byGuy Bonnier
    CompanyAllianceAllianceAlliance Vivafilm


    Pierre Richard
    Sylvie Testud
    Rémy Girard
    Louise Portal
    Patrick Drolet
    Jean-Nicolas Verreault
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