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    King of the Hill

    Poster of the movie King of the Hill
    TV Series    1997     Animation    

    Hank Hill, a propane salesman, lives in Arlen, Texas with his wife Peggy and his son Bobby. They are surrounded by an assortment of colorful neighbors and family members including Peggy's niece Luanne who lives with them for some time; Hank's father Cotton, a crabby right-wing wounded WWII veteran; Boomhauer, whose accent is so strong his speech is rarely understandable; Dale, a conspiracy theorist; and Bill, who is something of a loser. Hank is often baffled by the changing world around him and by Bobby who confounds his father by being interested in traditionally feminine activities. Peggy often acts as a buffer between the two, but they are ultimately a loving, functional family.

    CompanyDeedle-Dee ProductionsDeedle-Dee ProductionsDeedle-Dee Productions

    Featuring Voices of

    Mike Judge
    Kathy Najimy
    Pamela Adlon
    Stephen Root
    Brittany Murphy
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