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    In July

    Turkish poster of the movie In July
    Original titleIm Juli.
    Original lang.Turkish / English / German
    Run time1h39m
    GenreComedy, romance
    Directed byFatih Akin
    Written byFatih Akin
    CompanyFilms PhilosFilms PhilosFilms Philos


    Daniel (Moritz Bleibtreu) is a young physics teacher in Hamburg who plays life by the rules. His students ridicule him, bartenders ignore him, and every night he walks home to a perfectly empty IKEA-furnished apartment. But his drab existence is about to change-he falls head over heels in love with a beautiful Turkish girl named Melek and spontaneously decides to follow her to Istanbul. On his way East, Daniel discovers a new self and learns to truly fight for his happiness, even as he gets high on drugs for the first time, gets beaten up, is seduced, robbed, and finally busted by Turkish borderguards.

    Daniel's wild odyssey is shared by Juli (the stunning Christiane Paul), a young woman hungry for life who predicts Daniel will soon find his one true love. But until then, the two must conquer Europe, by truck, car, bus, boat and foot and find out on the way that the laws of physics don't always apply.


    Moritz Bleibtreu
    Christiane Paul
    Branka Katic
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    Photo from the movie In July
    Photo from the movie In July
    Photo from the movie In July
    Photo from the movie In July
    Photo from the movie In July

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