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    In Harm's Way

    Poster of the movie In Harm's Way

    In Harm's Way (1965)

    Original lang.English, French
    Run time2h45m
    GenreWar drama
    Directed byOtto Preminger
    Written byWendell Mayes
    One review6.0


    Captain "Rock" Torrey (Wayne) is still suffering since the devastation at Pearl Harbor, and the navy won't let him forget the ravages and humiliation of that attack. As usual, Patricia Neal is heartbreakingly perfect as the nurse who attends to Torrey and the young Lt. McConnel (Tryon).



    John Wayne
    Kirk Douglas
    Patricia Neal
    Tom Tryon
    Brandon De Wilde
    Jill Haworth
    Dana Andrews
    Stanley Holloway
    Burgess Meredith
    Franchot Tone
    Carroll O'Connor
    George Kennedy
    Larry Hagman
    Henry Fonda
    Christopher George
    Hugh O'Brian
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