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    Behind Blue Skies

    Behind Blue Skies

    Himlen är oskyldigt blå     1h 50min
    2010     Drama     Sweden
    Original lang: Swedish

    Seventeen-year-old Martin (Bill Skarsgard) is the eldest son in a tortured family. His father is unstable at best, while his long-suffering mother supports the family by minding other people's children. This summer, however, Martin is offered an escape by his wealthy best friend, Micke (Adam Palsson), who invites Martin to a resort community on the Stockholm archipelago. Given a job in a restaurant at the island's biggest summer camp, Martin is swiftly abandoned by Micke in favour of his cooler summer pals. This proves not to be a problem since Jenny (Josefin Ljungman), the girl Martin has eyes for, also works at the restaurant.

    The major complication is the restaurant's manager, Gösta (Peter Dalle), a charismatic windmill of a man who rules the staff with an iron fist. Soon enough, Gösta turns Martin into his personal gofer, which isn't an easy job, since Gösta appears to have business (and social) interests all over the region. Plus, the restaurant is the centrepiece for, well, an alternative mode of commerce. The bond between Martin and Gösta gradually deepens, but as the summer winds down it becomes clear that the depth of their friendship is about to be tested.

    Directed byHannes Holm
    Written byHannes Holm


    Bill Skarsgard
    Peter Dalle
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