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    Working Man

    Poster of the movie Working Man

    Working Man (2019)

    Run time1h48m
    Directed byRobert Jury
    Written byRobert Jury


    Somewhere in the Rust Belt of America another factory is closing down. After decades on the job, the reclusive Allery Parkes finds himself out of work. Following his plant's closure, Allery attempts to bide his time - same as his former, disgruntled, unemployed co-workers. However, despite the best efforts of his conciliatory wife Iola, a kept and loose-ended existence just doesn't take for this withdrawn man. Haunted by his son's suicide, this working man needs more than distraction. He needs a place of refuge. The story traces Allery as he routinely sneaks into the closed factory and begins spending his days in the comfort and confines of his old work place. At first, he does this alone, but in time he gains an unexpected - and initially unwelcome ally. Walter, a passionate former co-worker, turns on the electricity and turns up the volume in Allery's previously secluded cocoon.


    Peter Gerety
    Billy Brown
    Talia Shire
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