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    Wholly Moses!

    Poster of the movie Wholly Moses!

    Wholly Moses!

    1h 43min
    1980     Fantasy comedy     USA

    Discovered in a desert cave is an ancient document which casts new light on an old story. The infant Moses, as the story goes, was dispatched down the Nile and rescued by the Pharaoh's daughter. But on the same morning, another child - Herschel - was also set afloat. Herschel just happened to sail past the Princess with a helpful nudge from Moses. So the question is, who was truly God's Chosen? Moses or Herschel? Dudley Moore stars as the adult Herschel trying to find his place in the scheme of things. Also starring are Laraine Newman as Herschel's lusty bride, James Coco as his father, and Richard Pryor as the wildly idiosyncratic Pharaoh.

    Directed byGary Weis
    Written byGuy Thomas
    CompanyGoodTimes Home VideoGoodTimes Home VideoGoodTimes Home Video


    Dudley Moore
    Laraine Newman
    James Coco
    Jack Gilford
    Dom DeLuise
    John Houseman
    Madeline Kahn
    John Ritter
    Andrea Martin
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