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    This Night

    Poster of the movie This Night

    This Night

    Nuit de chien     1h 50min
    2008     Drama     Germany/Portugal/France
    Original lang: French

    Santamaria train station at night. Ossorio, a forty-year-old man, arrives exhausted with the crowd of refugees and defeated soldiers. He comes back to the city he knew to meet the woman he loves. But everything has changed. A violent militia terrorizes the city. Rival factions oppose. During the ultimate night, everyone tries to save their hide. Hopelessly.

    Directed byWerner Schroeter
    Written byJuan Carlos Onetti


    Pascal Greggory
    Bruno Todeschini
    Éric Caravaca
    Amira Casar
    Elsa Zylberstein
    Bulle Ogier
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