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    The Void

    Poster of the movie The Void

    The Void

    1h 33min
    2001     Sci-fi thriller     USA/Canada

    Filadyne has developed a super collider, which has the potential to solve the world's energy crisis. Eva Soderstrom is one of a dozen Filadyne team members working under the direction of Dr. Abernathy, the world's foremost particle acceleration expert. When thesuper collider is accidentally activated it sets off a chain reaction creating an expanding black hole. In the frenzy, Eva makers her escape and has a mere 24 hours to stop THE VOID from devouring the earth.

    Directed byGilbert M. Shilton
    Written byGeri Cudia Barger, Gilbert M. Shilton
    CompanyLionsgate FilmsLionsgate FilmsLionsgate Films


    Adrian Paul
    Amanda Tapping
    Malcolm McDowell
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