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    The Unforeseen

    Poster of the movie The Unforeseen
    The Unforeseen (2007)
    Run time1h28m
    Directed byLaura Dunn
    CompanyThe Cinema GuildThe Cinema GuildThe Cinema Guild
    One review9.0


    Dunn tracks the career of Gary Bradley, a west Texan farm boy who went to Austin and became one of the largest real estate developers in the state. In the '80s, Bradley had plans to transform miles of pristine hill country into large-scale subdivisions. But the development jeopardized Barton Springs, a watering hole treasured by locals, and served as a lightning rod for mobilizing environmental activism that flourished under Governor Ann Richards. When George W. Bush took the state's executive reins, however, development patterns changed, and the water quality at Barton Springs, as well as the surrounding landscape of Austin, was irreversibly transformed.


    Curtis Peterson
    Gary Bradley
    Willie Nelson
    Ronald Reagan
    Robert Redford
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    Photo from the movie The Unforeseen

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