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    The Rock

    Poster of the movie The Rock

    The Rock (1996)

    Run time2h15m
    GenreAction, thriller
    Directed byMichael Bay
    Written byDavid Weisberg, Douglas Cook
    CompanyBuena Vista PicturesBuena Vista PicturesBuena Vista Pictures
    28 reviews9.3


    A group of renegade marine commandos seizes a stockpile of chemical weapons and takes over Alcatraz, with 81 tourists as hostages. Their leader (Ed Harris), a former highly-decorated U. S. general, demands $100 million to be paid in ransom, as restitution to families of soldiers who died in covert operations and were thereby denied compensation. Otherwise, he is threatening to launch 15 rockets carrying deadly VX nerve gas into the San Francisco Bay area. An elite SEAL team, with support from an FBI chemical warfare expert Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage) and a former Alcatraz escapee John Mason (Sean Connery), is assembled to penetrate the terrorists' defenses on Alcatraz and neutralize the rocket threat before time runs out.



    Sean Connery
    Nicolas Cage
    Ed Harris
    John Spencer
    David Morse
    William Forsythe
    Michael Biehn
    John C. McGinley
    Tony Todd
    Bokeem Woodbine
    Steve Harris
    Claire Forlani
    Todd Louiso
    Jim Caviezel
    Willie Garson
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