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    The Mortal Storm

    The Mortal Storm (1940)

    Run time1h40m
    Directed byFrank Borzage
    Written byClaudine West, Hans Rameau
    One review2.0


    Victor Roth is a university professor enjoying a quiet life in his mountain house in early thirties' Germany, where he lives with his wife and children. But his happy life is soon sent into chaos with the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party. When he challenges their ideologies in his lectures, he is fired and sent to a concentration camp. The rest of the family fight to survive, but the family becomes split when certain members join the fascist movement.


    Margaret Sullavan
    James Stewart
    Robert Young
    Frank Morgan
    Robert Stack
    Bonita Granville
    Maria Ouspenskaya
    Dan Dailey
    Ward Bond
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