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    The Exonerated

    Poster of the movie The Exonerated

    The Exonerated

    1h 35min
    2005     Drama     USA

    Sixteen years. Imagine everything you could do with sixteen years. Imagine everything you did the last sixteen years. Now take it all away. Sunny Jacobs was convicted and sentenced to death for a crime she did not commit. Sixteen years was just the beginning of what was taken from Sunny Jacobs.

    Directed byBob Balaban
    Written byJessica Blank, Erik Jensen
    CompanyCourt TVCourt TVCourt TV


    Brian Dennehy
    Danny Glover
    Delroy Lindo
    Aidan Quinn
    Susan Sarandon
    Bobby Cannavale
    Laurence Luckinbill
    Lee Tergesen
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