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    The Big Knife

    Poster of the movie The Big Knife

    The Big Knife (1955)

    Run time1h51m
    Directed byRobert Aldrich
    Written byClifford Odets, James Poe
    CompanyUnited ArtistsUnited ArtistsUnited Artists
    One review6.0


    Charlie Castle, a major film star who has refused to sign a long-term contract for big money with a studio run by the tyrannical Stanley Hoff (Rod Steiger). This has led to the return of his wife, Marion (Ida Lupino), who had left him due to his womanizing and a willingness to kowtow to Hoff in doing bad movies only for the money. After his agent, Nat Danziger (Everett Sloane), tries unsuccessfully to get him to reconsider, Hoff himself badgers Charlie, insisting on the absolute necessity of his signing. When the star continues to resist, Hoff threatens to blackmail him with an ugly incident from his past.


    Jack Palance
    Ida Lupino
    Wendell Corey
    Jean Hagen
    Rod Steiger
    Shelley Winters
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