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    The Assignment

    Poster of the movie The Assignment
    1997     Action thriller    
    1h 59min
    Original lang: English, French, Spanish

    Jack Shaw (Donald Sutherland) has experienced the terror first-hand. He's a top CIA agent who's tracked international killer-for-hire Carlos 'The Jackal' Sanchez for over twenty years and barely survived Carlos' devastating bombing of a Parisian cafe. Now, he finally gets a break when he discovers Carlos' dead ringer: American naval officer and dedicated family man Annibal Ramirez (Aidan Quinn). With the aid of his Israeli Intelligence counterpart, Amos (Ben Kingsley), Jack trains Annibal to impersonate Carlos through a series of harrowing physical and psychological exercises and draw the real killer out of hiding and into an elaborate trap.

    Directed byChristian Duguay
    Written byDan Gordon, Sabi H. Shabtai
    CompanySony PicturesTVA FilmsTVA Films


    Aidan Quinn
    Donald Sutherland
    Ben Kingsley
    Claudia Ferri
    Céline Bonnier
    Goûchy Boy
    Lucie Laurier
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