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    Soldiers' Stories

    Poster of the movie Soldiers' Stories

    Soldiers' Stories

    28 minutes
    2014     War documentary     Canada/USA

    100 years ago the world became embroiled in the "Great War" or the first global war. This war created the geo-political world we know today. It was a savage and vicious conflict that also spawned some of the greatest war images, poetry, and reflections on war of all time. Soldiers' Stories gives voice to the war and the veterans who fought in it by using modern veterans to retell the very personal story of war from their own experiences. The film is at once broad and general and intimate as it reflects upon both a moment and time and also what it was to be a soldier 100 years ago and what it is today.

    Directed byJonathan Kitzen
    Written byJonathan Kitzen


    Mickey Rooney
    Matthew Young

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