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    Smart Guy

    Poster of the movie Smart Guy

    Smart Guy

    TV Series     1997     Family comedy     USA

    T.J. is a boy genius who gets bumped up from the fourth grade to high school. T.J. tries to adjust to his new life, but he shares some classes with his 14 year-old brother Marcus, the school jock, and his clueless and self-absorbed 16 year-old sister Yvette.



    Tahj Mowry
    John Marshall Jones
    Kyla Pratt
    Taraji P. Henson
    Bianca Lawson
    Richard Gant
    Yeardley Smith
    Ashley Tisdale
    Liz Torres
    Dulé Hill
    Esther Scott
    Brian Doyle-Murray
    W. Earl Brown
    Gabrielle Union
    Earl Billings
    Wesley Jonathan
    Paul Dano
    Blake Clark
    Lance E. Nichols
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