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    Separate Tables

    Poster of the movie Separate Tables

    Separate Tables (1958)

    Run time1h40m
    GenreRomantic drama
    Directed byDelbert Mann
    Written byTerence Rattigan, John Gay
    CompanyUnited Artists ClassicsUnited Artists ClassicsUnited Artists Classics
    One review9.0


    Terence Rattigan's pair of one-act plays are deftly woven together into this intelligent, handsome drama, a kind of somber Grand Hotel of lonely and repressed lives at a British seaside hotel in the dreary off-season. David Niven and Wendy Hiller earned well-deserved Oscars for their subdued turns, as a blustery old warhorse hiding a guilty secret and the efficient hotel proprietress, respectively. Burt Lancaster is the alcoholic American whose secret affair with Hiller is complicated when his former wife (Rita Hayworth) breezes in and reopens old emotional wounds, and Deborah Kerr is a mousy woman whose secret love for Niven is shattered by scandal. Director Daniel Mann (Marty) remains true to the good manners and quiet desperation that keeps these sad souls isolated at separate tables. He gracefully floats between the two dramas and patiently allows his repressed characters to open up and reveal their true feelings in their own quiet fashion.



    Deborah Kerr
    Rita Hayworth
    David Niven
    Wendy Hiller
    Burt Lancaster
    Gladys Cooper
    Rod Taylor
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