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    North Station

    Poster of the movie North Station

    North Station

    Station Nord     1h 51min
    2002     Family comedy     Canada
    Original lang: French

    n 1950, a young sprite saves the life of Samuel, a 14-year-old mailman. Samuel is taken to Santa Claus's workshop, where he is put in charge of all the mail for the North Pole. Many years later, Samuel risks his life to fulfill the special wishes of a seven-year-old girl. Accompanied by his friends, he goes back to the human world to rescue the girl he once loved, now stricken by cancer. Together, they return to the magical land of the world's most beloved folk figure, Santa Claus.

    Directed byJean-Claude Lord
    Written byDenyse Benoît, Daniel Morin
    CompanyÉquinoxeWarner Home VideoWarner Home Video


    Benoît Brière
    Xavier Morin-Lefort
    Fayolle Jean Jr.
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