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    Nobody Gets Out Alive

    Poster of the movie Nobody Gets Out Alive

    Nobody Gets Out Alive

    1h 18min
    2013     Horror/thriller     USA
    Original lang: English, French

    Everyone thought the stories about Braiden Woods and the madman who lurks there were just urban legends. They say that he watches from the shadows, waiting for the innocent and unlucky to cross his bloody path. But this one myth that will prove all too real for an unsuspecting group of teenagers. What begins as a weekend away from home soon becomes a horrific desperate fight for survival as their tormentor unleashes his savage, unrelenting fury upon them, one by one...

    Directed byJason Christopher
    Written byJason Christopher
    CompanyEntertainment OneEntertainment OneSeville


    Jen Dance
    David J. Bonner
    Clint Howard
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