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    Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property

    Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property (2003)
    Run time0h58m
    Directed byCharles Burnett
    Written byCharles Burnett, Frank Christopher


    Nat Turner's slave rebellion is a watershed event in America's long and troubled history of slavery and racial conflict. Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property tells the story of that violent confrontation and of the ways that story has been continuously re-told during the years since 1831. It is a film about a critical moment in American history and of the multiple ways in which that moment has since been remembered. Nat Turner was a "troublesome property" for his master and he has remained a "troublesome property" for the historians, novelists, dramatists, artists and many others who have struggled to understand him.


    Herbert Aptheker
    Charles Burnett
    Ossie Davis
    Alfre Woodard
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