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    Mysterious Skin

    Poster of the movie Mysterious Skin

    Mysterious Skin (2004)

    CountriesUSA, Netherlands
    Run time1h39m
    Directed byGregg Araki
    Written byGregg Araki, Scott Heim
    8 reviews8.4


    Two very different boys turn out not to be as different as they appear. Brian is a troubled 18 year-old, who grew up a scared, introverted kid in the small town of Hutchinson, Kansas. Plagued by nightmares and terrified of the dark, Brian believes that he may have been the victim of an alien abduction. Neil McCormick is the ultimate beautiful outsider, wise beyond his years and curious about his developing sexuality. Eventually, Neil's pursuit of what he thinks is love leads him to New York City, while Brian's search for what happened leads him to Neil - together, both ultimately discover the truth.


    Chase Ellison
    George Webster
    Chris Mulkey
    Elisabeth Shue
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Richard Riehle
    Mary Lynn Rajskub
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