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    Love Affair

    Poster of the movie Love Affair

    Love Affair (1939)

    Original lang.English, French
    Run time1h27m
    GenreRomantic comedy
    Directed byLeo McCarey
    Written byLeo McCarey, Mildred Cram
    CompanyRKO Radio PicturesRKO Radio PicturesRKO Radio Pictures
    One review7.0


    Frenchman Michel is engaged to be married, but finds his love put to the test when he meets Terry, an American lady who also has a fiancé. The two have an affair during a cruise and to prove to each other that this is more than a whimsical romance, they agree to meet six months later on top of the Empire State building. Both keep true to their promise, but on her way there, Terry is involved in a serious car accident. Will Michel find out why she never turned up?



    Irene Dunne
    Charles Boyer
    Maria Ouspenskaya
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