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    1h 36min
    2004     Drama     Canada/France
    Original lang: French

    In Montreal, a Lebanese man is found dead, covered with snow. So begins a surreal odyssey for his Canadian son, Wahab. Ghosts appear; a doorway opens onto a sun-drenched beach in Lebanon; family members scurry about like a colony of crabs by the water's edge. Wahab resolves to bury the body in the town of his father's birth. But the idyllic village he envisioned is instead a cesspool of hate, rubble, and death. The feckless Wahab somehow collects a band of followers who help him battle Syrian soldiers, venomous villagers and the psychological scars of war, finally finding peace for Wahab's father and their own tortured souls.

    Directed byWajdi Mouawad
    Written byPascal Sanchez
    CompanyTVA FilmsTVA FilmsTVA Films


    Steve Laplante
    Gilles Renaud
    David Boutin
    Andrée Lachapelle
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