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    Little Big Top

    Little Big Top (2006)

    Directed byWard Roberts
    Written byWard Roberts


    Sid Haig stars as Seymour Smiles, an old circus clown and current drunk, who returns to his small, Indiana hometown to live the rest of his days boozing in solitude. But when his childhood friend Bob (Richard Riehle) convinces him to help the struggling clown squad at the local circus, Seymour is thrust back into the place he fears most...the spotlight.

    Written and Directed by Ward Roberts, and set in the real-life Peru Amateur Circus, witness the hilarious struggles of Seymour as his fight for redemption takes center ring. With its dark humor, surreal circus setting, colorful cast of characters, and powerful story, LITTLE BIG TOP reminds us how fragile we are, and how love and laughter will always see us through.


    Sid Haig
    Richard Riehle
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