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    Life's a Beach

    Poster of the movie Life's a Beach

    Life's a Beach (2014)

    CountryUnited Kingdom
    Run time0h53m
    GenreBiography documentary
    Directed byJohn Baker
    Written byJohn Baker


    A documentary exploring what turned out to be Jerry 'Mungo' Francis final 19 months of life, as he took a stand against consumerist society, finding himself embroiled in legal battles with local government and Network Rail, after he set up home on a Folkestone beach. Mungo's home, built out of old pallets and recycled beach refuse, represented not only his philosophies of sustainability, but also the heart of the local community. 'Life's a Beach', follows Mungo's experiences there; his challenges and triumphs, all leading to his tragic death, which confirmed the man a local legend.


    Grover Cleveland Alexander
    Adam Arkin
    Keith Carradine
    John Cusack
    Ossie Davis
    Amy Madigan
    Gregory Peck
    Aidan Quinn
    Jason Robards
    John Turturro
    Eli Wallach
    M. Emmet Walsh
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