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    La Siciliana ribelle

    Italian poster of the movie La Siciliana ribelle

    La Siciliana ribelle

    1h 55min
    2009     Drama     Italy
    Original lang: Italian

    Freely inspired by real events. One November morning in 1991, 17 year old Rita approached the Chief Prosecutor of Palermo, intent on vindicating her father's and brother's mafia related deaths. This marked the first time that the daughter of a mafia family openly rebelled against the traditionally male dominated organization. From then on, Rita's days were counted. Repudiated and threatened by her boyfriend, her hometown and even her mother, she was forced to leave Sicily and move to Rome where she lives under another name

    Directed byMarco Amenta
    Written byMarco Amenta, Sergio Donati


    Veronica D'Agostino
    Gérard Jugnot
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