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    Imitation General

    Poster of the movie Imitation General

    Imitation General

    1h 28min
    1958     Comedy     USA
    Original lang: English, French, German

    What would you do if you were suddenly in charge? In the midst of a heated tank battle, a lowly sergeant takes the rains of command when his general is killed in action. But the soldiers don't know they are being led into battle by an Imitation General. World War II. When Brigadier General Charles Lane suddenly dies, the situation is on the brink of becoming lethal chaos. To avoid a rout and the deaths of his fellow soldiers, Master Sergeant Murphy Savage (Glenn Ford) assumes command with only the knowledge and backing of Corporal Chan Derby (Red Buttons). But somehow, under Savage's direction--who actually has first-hand experience in tank battles--the tide of battle turns. The allies follow Murphy to victory... and Derby enjoys a personal victory over his private nemesis, Orville Hutchmeyer (Tige Andrews).

    Directed byGeorge Marshall
    Written byWilliam Bowers, William Chamberlain


    Glenn Ford
    Red Buttons
    Taina Elg
    Dean Jones
    Tige Andrews
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    English     Français
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