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    Hardcastle and McCormick

    Poster of the movie Hardcastle and McCormick

    Hardcastle and McCormick

    TV Series     1983     Action drama     USA

    Milton C. Hardcastle is a tough but honest judge. Over the years, he has had to dismiss nearly 200 cases due to legal technicalities on individuals who were guilty. Now that he's retired, he plans to spend his time hounding them and if they break the law Hardcastle's going to bust them and make sure that it's done right. Now he needs someone to watch his back and the man he has "chosen" is Mark McCormick, a car thief whom Hardcastle once sent to prison, and who is now an aspiring race car driver. McCormick was arrested and brought before Hardcastle. Normally, Hardcastle tells McCormick that in addition to breaking the law, he violated his parole, he would be sent back to prison and this being his third conviction would make him a three time loser. However, Hardcastle tells McCormick of his plans for his retirement, and that he would like McCormick to be his partner. McCormick begrudgingly accepts but if they will make remains to be seen cause McCormick doesn't think that Hardcastle was fair when he sentenced him and he thinks Hardcastle is a royal pain.



    Brian Keith
    Daniel Hugh Kelly
    Lance Henriksen
    John Saxon
    Michael Callan
    Tim Robbins
    Joe Pantoliano
    Philip Baker Hall
    David Paymer
    James Cromwell
    Dennis Farina
    Vincent Schiavelli
    Allan Rich
    Glenn Morshower
    Ed Lauter
    Mike Pniewski
    Keenan Wynn
    Stuart Whitman
    Anne Francis
    Dennis Franz
    Gregg Henry
    Larry Drake
    Mildred Natwick
    Lynda Day George
    William Windom
    John Ireland
    John Marley
    Angel Tompkins
    Trish Van Devere
    Buddy Ebsen
    Faith Ford
    Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
    Robert Culp
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