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    Gone Are the Days

    Poster of the movie Gone Are the Days

    Gone Are the Days (2018)

    Directed byMark Landre Gould
    Written byGregory M. Tucker
    CompanyLionsgate Home EntertainmentLionsgate Home EntertainmentLionsgate Home Entertainment


    1908. In the fading twilight of the Old West, Taylon Flynn, a once feared outlaw now forgotten and rendered obsolete by the passage of time, wastes away in virtual anonymity on a decrepit ranch. Unable to reconcile the man he was with the man he has become, he summons an old accomplice for one last ride in a desperate attempt to seek redemption for the error of his ways; a daughter he abandoned, a friend he left for dead, and a wife brutally murdered for his crimes. Determined to extract his revenge with boots on and guns blazing, Taylon's vengeance ride is quickly derailed by the ruthless boss of a dying mining town and a legendary lawman harboring a dark secret. With his last chance at redemption rapidly escaping, Taylon must confront the inner demons he purged long ago and truly atone for his past sins in order to save his soul and the one thing in life that he truly loves.

    GONE ARE THE DAYS is an unconventional western that lies at the intersection where Unforgiven and Lonesome Dove collide with The Revenant to tell a classic tale of revenge, redemption and love.


    Lance Henriksen
    Tom Berenger
    Danny Trejo
    Lulu Wilson
    Steve Railsback
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