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    Fred 3: Camp Fred

    Fred 3: Camp Fred (2012)

    Run time1h21m
    Directed byJonathan Judge
    Written byDrew Hancock
    One review10


    Following the last day of school, Fred Figglehorn (Lucas Cruikshank) reveals his hopes to attend Camp Superior, a summer camp that is considered a paradise. Fred's hopes are dashed when he learns his mother is sending him to Camp Iwannapeepee, a camp Fred finds horrible. At Iwannapeepee, he meets head counselor Floyd Spunkmeyer (Tom Arnold), and a host of other campers, Magoo (Joey Bragg), Chatter (Matthew Scott Miller), Spoon (Leah Lewis), and Dig (Adrian Kali Turner), and is introduced to Oksana, a beautiful but inept nurse. At night Fred has disturbing dreams of being at home, but wakes to find he is still at camp.


    Lucas Cruikshank
    Jake Weary
    Siobhan Fallon
    John Cena
    Tracey Walter
    Tom Arnold
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