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    Far from Home

    Poster of the movie Far from Home

    Far from Home

    1h 26min
    1989     Dramatic thriller     USA

    Stranded in the desert with an empty gas tank, Charlie Cox (Frewer) and his beautiful young daughter Joleen (Barrymore) go to a nearby trailer park to escape the blistering noonday heat. It's there Joleen meets Jimmy, a strange and mysterious boy whose brazen and enticing sexuality captures her curiosity. But as a shy competitor vies for her attention, Joleen becomes embroiled in a deadly adult world where the price of sophistication is terror.

    Directed byMeiert Avis
    Written byTheodore Gershuny, Tommy Lee Wallace
    CompanyVestron PicturesVestron PicturesVestron Pictures


    Matt Frewer
    Drew Barrymore
    Susan Tyrrell
    Dick Miller
    Anthony Rapp
    Jennifer Tilly
    John Spencer
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