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    Executive Order

    Portuguese poster of the movie Executive Order

    Executive Order

    Medida Provisória     1h 43min
    2020     Science-fiction     Brazil
    Original lang: Portuguese

    In a dystopian future in Rio de Janeiro, a lawyer sues the Brazilian government to compensate all descendants of African slaves in the country. The authoritarian regime then imposes a measure forcing black citizens to emigrate to Africa in order to find their origins. In the midst of a climate of terror related to these social and racial issues, the lawyer enlists his cousin and his wife in a clandestine resistance to counter the madness that has taken over the country and change the fate of the nation.

    Directed byLázaro Ramos, Flávia Lacerda
    Written byLusa Silvestre, Lázaro Ramos, Aldri Anunciação, Elísio Lopes Jr.
    CompanyArtMattan ProductionsArtMattan ProductionsArtMattan Productions


    Alfred Enoch
    Seu Jorge
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