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    End of Days, Inc.

    Poster of the movie End of Days, Inc.

    End of Days, Inc. (2015)

    Run time1h23m
    GenreSci-fi comedy
    Directed byJennifer Liao
    Written byChristina Ray
    One review1.0


    It's the last day of business before Godfrey Global Inventory shuts down for good, and the enigmatic Mr. Godfrey and his officious sister Esther invite the company's downtrodden staff to a farewell party where they are to receive their final paycheques. Instead, they are bribed into working one last night, wherein they discover that processing the last of their "inventory" will lead to cataclysmic consequences. END OF DAYS, INC. is a darkly comic feature film with a supernatural spin coming in good time to a theatre/television/computer screen/mobile device/thought widget near you.


    Mark O'Brien
    Paulino Nunes
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