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    Día naranja

    Spanish poster of the movie Día naranja

    Día naranja

    1h 27min
    2009     Romantic comedy     Venezuela/Colombia/Argentina
    Original lang: Spanish

    Three women from different cities in Latin America, they simultaneously face the same challenge: an unexpected pregnancy. They do not know each other, but a golden and invisible thread links their lives. Their stories cross-relate and meet in different points, despite the distance. Each one in her own city, culture, and personal environment, will walk the streets, traversing fantasies, fears, desires and joys, looking for a door towards their new life, with as much glam our as they possibly can. A movie with many exhilarate and dramatic situations presented in an impeccable frame, driven by fashion, music, and a very feminine and sophisticated touch. Three accents, three colors, three kinds of sound, three cities. A movie as mandatory for women as wearing make-up.

    Directed byAlejandra Szeplaki
    Written byLeticia Castro, Alejandra Szeplaki


    Martín Borisenko
    Martina García
    Juan Pablo Raba
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