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    Degrassi: The Next Generation

    Poster of the movie Degrassi: The Next Generation

    Degrassi: The Next Generation

    TV Series     2001     Drama     Canada

    This show is about a group of 8th to 12th graders at Degrassi Community School. Kids at DCS deal with all kinds of issues (i.e. sex, drugs, dating, rape, abortion, sexuality, oral sex, religion and eating disorders). In the second season DCS merges with a nearby high school, so everybody is still at the same school. This show is basically based on the episodes of Degrassi Junior High as well as Degrassi High. Some characters from those two shows are in Degrassi: The Next Generation with the part of teachers, parents, etc....



    Stefan Brogren
    Aislinn Paul
    Lauren Collins
    Kevin Smith
    Jason Mewes
    Don McKellar
    Keke Palmer
    Joris Jarsky
    Alanis Morissette
    Devon Bostick
    Shawn Roberts
    Jayne Eastwood
    Melanie Scrofano
    Ali Kazmi
    Nina Dobrev
    Stephan James
    Erik Knudsen
    Max Topplin
    Justin Kelly
    Shauna MacDonald
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