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    Spanish poster of the movie Crebinsky


    2011     Comedy     Spain
    Original lang: Spanish, English, German

    That is where they grow up, at the foot of a lighthouse. They survive collecting things that the sea brings: the "crebas" . Completely isolated from the military events that are taking place around them, they create their own world. A peculiar universe full of imaginative realism.

    The normal rhythm of their lives with Muchka, their cow, is shattered when she disappears. The brothers then start a desperate search that will take them from the coast to the interior. A real road movie, an inner journey full of unexpected encounter, dark feelings and erased memories. Not knowing where they are going to, they end up discovering where they come from.

    Directed byEnrique Otero
    Written byMiguel de Lira, Enrique Otero


    Antía Baget
    Oliver Bigalke
    Luis Tosar
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