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    Poster of the movie Conquest

    Conquest (1937)

    Run time1h53m
    GenreRomantic drama
    Directed byClarence Brown
    Written byS.N. Behrman, Waclaw Gasiorowski
    One review6.0


    Marie Waleska, a Polish countess, is dispatched by her country to meet with Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (Charles Boyer). Marie has been encouraged to press for Polish independence by whatever means possible--and though no one comes out and says as much, it is understood that she will offer herself sexually to the promiscuous Napoleon. She dutifully becomes Bonaparte's mistress, bears his child, and--almost as an afterthought--falls in love with him. Thanks to the political chicanery of Talleyrand (Reginald Owen), Napoleon is obliged to marry Hapsburg princess Marie Louise, and Marie is cast aside, her usefulness at an end. Only after Napoleon has been exiled to Elba in 1815 is he reunited with Marie and their son (Scotty Beckett).



    Greta Garbo
    Charles Boyer
    Dame May Whitty
    Maria Ouspenskaya
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