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    Poster of the movie Coastlines


    1h 50min
    2002     Dramatic thriller     USA

    Sonny Mann, an ex-con returning home from prison, creates a new dynamic for both friends and enemies with his arrival. The local power broker, Fred Vance, wants Sonny back into his shady world. Sonny only wants money due, as his long suppressed desire for Ann, now married to his best friend and local sheriff Dave Lockhart, puts at risk life's delicate balance of family and community. Passion and revenge threaten to overtake all as Sonny's anger careens dangerously out of control, leading to an explosive confrontation, and finally to a surprising resolution.

    Directed byVictor Nunez
    Written byVictor Nunez
    CompanyIFC First TakeIFC First TakeIFC First Take


    Timothy Olyphant
    Josh Brolin
    Sarah Wynter
    Scott Wilson
    Angela Bettis
    Josh Lucas
    Edwin Hodge
    William Forsythe
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