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    Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell

    Poster of the movie Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell

    Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell (1968)

    Original lang.English, French, Italian
    Run time1h48m
    Directed byMelvin Frank
    Written byMelvin Frank, Denis Norden
    CompanyUnited Artists ClassicsUnited Artists ClassicsUnited Artists Classics
    One review7.0


    Twenty years after their initial war-time visit three U.S. servicemen hold a reunion at an Italian village. They all have fond memories, especially of local girl Carla. But she has been telling each of them that they are the father of her daughter Gia, so they have all been paying well for her upbringing. As this dawns on the threesome old rivalries surface, but times have changed and complications such as wives, middle-age, and the need to protect Gia's future start to surface.



    Gina Lollobrigida
    Shelley Winters
    Telly Savalas
    Lee Grant
    Janet Margolin
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