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    Bachelor Mother

    Poster of the movie Bachelor Mother
    Bachelor Mother (1939)
    Run time1h22m
    GenreRomantic comedy
    Directed byGarson Kanin
    Written byNorman Krasna
    CompanyRKO Radio PicturesRKO Radio PicturesRKO Radio Pictures
    One review10


    Unemployed Polly Parrish (Ginger Rogers) impulsively picks up a baby left at orphanage doors at Christmas.

    Everyone assumes the foundling is hers, including Polly's playboy ex-boss (David Niven), who offers her a job if she'll live up to her maternal duties. A paycheck would be handy, so Polly complies.

    Then the boss's tycoon dad (Charles Coburn) assumes the infant is his secret grandson...and things really spin out of control.

    Buoyed by Rogers' irresistibly endearing performance, Bachelor Mother is one of those rarities, a brilliantly cast comedy where everything -- plot, pacing and dialogue (thanks to Garson Kanin's savvy direction and Norman Krasna's witty script) -- is exactly, hilariously right.


    Ginger Rogers
    David Niven
    Charles Coburn
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